Best Gifts For A Model Kit Enthusiast

Pieces of an unassembled plastic model in black and white

Nowadays, model kit assembling is rare as a modern-day hobby since common people want computer games or sports as their hobby. On the other hand, there will be chances that you come across a certain friend or relative that happens to have this surprising hobby that yourself is not familiar with. If … Read more

Can Building Model Kits Teach Kids Independence?

Unassembled parts of a model kit

Kids are easy to adapt to things. Some parents are very conscious about every word they say and their actions to their children, mainly because kids get to absorb them a lot easier. They are very curious and would want to experience a lot of things without knowing if it’s dangerous for … Read more

Beginner’s Guide to Model Building

a made-up town of model pieces

As a beginner in model building, here’s a guide on how you can jumpstart your model building. Starting with a model kit For beginners, a model kit is an ideal thing to practice on. These kits already include complete parts you need to start building. Let’s say start with a simple car model kit. … Read more