Tips for Photographing Your Hobby Models

Hobby model car pictures can be taken accurately by following certain tips

While many people have hobbies of collecting items, playing games, both indoors and outdoors, a few people also have the hobby of making models. Creating models and then keeping them is a hobby that only a few understand. Moreover, the modern art of hobby models also includes taking pictures of these models. … Read more

Tips for Spray Painting Your Hobby Project

Spray Cans

You’re driving by in your car and you see people making street art using spray paints. Doesn’t it make you want to grab some spray paints and start an artwork for yourself? You probably tried doing it because it looked too easy, only to find the experience on the contrary. Perhaps you … Read more

Best Gifts For A Model Kit Enthusiast

Pieces of an unassembled plastic model in black and white

Nowadays, model kit assembling is rare as a modern-day hobby since common people want computer games or sports as their hobby. On the other hand, there will be chances that you come across a certain friend or relative that happens to have this surprising hobby that yourself is not familiar with. If … Read more

Paddling Pool of Renoir and Monet: Artists Comparison


The Impressionist Movement has bestowed the art world with not just ethereal silhouettes and eclectic masterpieces but also world-class artists. Claude Oscar Monet and Pierre Auguste Renoir are two such revolutionary and trailblazing contemporary artists who transformed the artistic landscape. The two artists being contemporaries were also fast companions as they often … Read more